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Over the past 20 years in my work as a social entrepreneur, consultant and educator, I’ve had and continue to have the great fortune of collaborating and working with so many truly amazing people who are working to create positive change in the world. They’re my teachers, mentors and sources of continuous inspiration. The goal of this podcast is to provide you with the opportunity to meet and learn from them as well. 


My aspiration is to engage in enjoyable and thought provoking conversations that can help you in your own changemaking journey. We’ll certainly focus on the “what”, the “where” and the “why”, but I’m most interested and feel it’s most helpful to dive into the “how”. We’ll explore their work and their own personal and professional journeys. I’m confident that you’ll gain wonderful, unique insights and inspiration regardless of your stage in life or profession. 


And please note that we’re on our own learning journey with regards to podcasting. Please bear with us. We’ll keep improving as we go. I promise. 


Thank you for joining us, be well and enjoy, 



It's About the How is a Social EntrepreneurU podcast. Learn more about high-impact & economical resources for students, professionals, teams and organizations in changemaking journeys.


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