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Kofi Taha: Designing "by" for Community & Systemic Change

As part of MIT D-Lab, Kofi's work focuses on developing, using, and understanding inclusive design and implementation processes that lead to more equitable outcomes in historically excluded communities. He has co-facilitated village-level technology design workshops in Uganda and Haiti; helped interdisciplinary teams commercialize social impact products in Ghana and Tanzania; provided support to local innovation centers in Brazil, Colombia, and India; and helped build a global community of 1000+ innovators, entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, researchers, and educators (IDIN.org). Kofi studied political economy at Columbia University, urban planning at MIT, and is a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

In Greg's conversation with Kofi, he talks about the ability to utilize design as a force for change, specifically within MIT’s D-Lab. Kofi gives his thoughts on the design of systemic racism, the prepositions of design, and how to build community.


  • 5:30min systemic racism

  • 17:15min understanding white supremacy & system design

  • 19:00min D-Lab

  • 23:45min creative capacity building

  • 32:45min workshops & curriculum

  • 42:00min building community

  • 50:30min advice for aspiring changemakers

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