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Matt Nash: Commitment, Communication & Capacity Building

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Matt Nash is an adjunct professor of the practice at Duke University, where he teaches courses in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. As a managing director of Duke’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, he works with students, faculty, alumni, and practitioners to design, implement, and assess innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Matt has led two accelerators at Duke including, most recently, the Duke-UNICEF Innovation Accelerator, which supports the scaling of innovations for youth, with an initial focus on menstrual health and hygiene in East Africa. Previously, he was a consultant in strategy and change management for a diverse set of clients, international and domestic, and served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Romania.

In Greg's conversation with Matt, Matt talks about his journey of discovering social entrepreneurship while in the Peace Corps to consulting for governmental agencies and nonprofits and his work with Greg Dees at Duke. Matt talks about using empathy as a verb, aligning incentives of all stakeholders involved, and his insights on scaling.


  • 3:30min Peace Corps

  • 9min social enterprise

  • 13min IBM & PWC

  • 16min influencing change

  • 19min aligning incentives & reporting impact

  • 22min micro vs. macro

  • 23:45min experiential leading

  • 25:30min Greg Dees

  • 30:30min Start of social entrepreneurship & Duke University

  • 40min work in Detroit

  • 42:30min empathy

  • 50:30min work with menstrual health in Africa

  • 53:30min scaling

  • 1:04min advice for aspiring changemakers

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